Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Displays week 4

At work as you walk up to the registers we have a seasonal display set up. The display changes every month or two depending on the time of the year. And I have noticed that when people are in line or when it changes that some people check it out. But have only seen a few times that people have taken an item off the display to purchase or asked where it was in the store. So my question is are the displays really necessary? I will agree that they make the store look nicer but as far a product placement goes and getting people to buy something they didn't come in for they don't really do anything. This display is one that we set up and as employees do on our own. And with more people involved there is always a disagreement on what should be put on the display. I think that we should either use the space to go after the college crowd or the people that pay more for the premium bottles. If you were in charge of setting up the display whom would you market to?